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Is your firearm dirty? Do you not have the time/resources to clean it yourself? Bring it in to us for servicing, and one of our certified armorers can clean it for you! Rates for cleaning start at $25* per firearm!

Expect to receive your firearm(s) back after a week, giving ample time for inspections of the firearm as well as the cleaning. If there are any issues discovered upon inspection, we will contact you first to ask how you would like for us to proceed!

Handguns : $25
Long Guns : $35

Please contact the store to schedule your cleaning!

Call 812-299-GUNS (4867) or purchase below!

(if you purchase on the site, bring your ticket with you whenever you want to bring you firearm(s) in)

*Prices may vary based upon extent of care needed for each firearm.

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The armory offers a variety of different firearm services by our certified and trained armorers. 
- AR-15 Platform Work
- Select Handgun Sight Installs
- Bore Sighting
- Full Rifle Sighting
- Firearm Cleaning 
- Minor Gun Repair
- Sight Mounting on Rifles & Shotguns
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